Good Morning A.I is a narrative experience that combines the flow of a visual novel with base-building/puzzle elements, leaving players to roleplay Jude and influence the outcome of their friendships, Amsterdam and possibly even the entire world. Over 30 endings wait to be discovered. Set in the year 2065, the game revolves around a controversial decision taken by the citizens of Amsterdams to commission the first general purpose A.I. to administer the city. Jude, our story's protagonist is the expert tasked with teaching the A.I. about life, politics, morality, philosophy, economics. Through Jude, players can apply their own beliefs upon the world and see what mark they leave, how the world gets reshaped. Moreover, Jude has an active social life which might (or might not) influence their work. The game features a cast of interesting characters that face the issues imposed by a likely future, neither dystopian (cyberpunk) nor utopic (solarpunk), but falling realistically right in between. On Jude's shoulders also fall some of the responsabilities of administrating the A.I. facility, imbolding the narrative pace with base-building and puzzle gameplay elements.


Good Morning A.I. blossomed from another idea envisioned to tackle a much more classicaly cyberpunk, dystopian world, focused on Jude's life and interaction with it's neurally implanted A.I companion. The evolution was spurred by the desire to tackle more realistic future dilemmas, to use a more plausible setting as a mirror in which players can self-reflect and to force analysis over things we sometimes take for granted.


  • European setting, a clash between the very new and the very old, between the pessimistic and the optimistic
  • High replayability, over 30 endings
  • RPG decision-making, a new story emerging every playthrough
  • Base-building/puzzle gameplay elements
  • An Artifical Intelligence pupil absorbing your input like a sponge


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Good Morning A.I. Credits

Andrei “Dexter” Olaru
Producer, Marketing
Marius Petcu
Game Developer
David Moscovici
Game Design, Writing
Dragoș Dexi Antoniu Stoica
Music, Sound Design, Marketing
Cătălin Nedeluș
Programming, Sound Design, Animation
Mădălina Șoimu
Art, Graphics
Moise Theodor
Business Admin, Art
Vlad Bărbieru
3D & 2D Artist
Victor Băjan
Alex Bergauer