A contemporary urban-mystical grand-strategy RPG, D.o.D. takes the genre's elements and streamlines them to facilitate meaningful roleplay. Players take the role of a Mage Club Founder, a Vampire Lord, a Warewolf Pack Alpha, a Head of a Unit of Hunters or a leader of any other faction of super-natural creatures, fighting for influence over a city. Turmoils within their ranks, opponent factions and trecherous allies won't make it easy. Set in real-world cities, narrative emergence, social critique and the development of the player's Leader Character are fostered through the interplay between the whims of realistic procedural characters, context-generated story events, deep diplomatic gameplay and socio-cultural urban simulation. All these invite rich replayability, endless content expansion possibilities, the comfort of contained playthroughs and multiplayer.


Domains of Dusk is a game we've been planning on making for a loooong time, and now we finally decided to give it a shot.


  • gritty urban vibes, with dark humour, hard decisions and supernatural clashes
  • high replayability strategy gameplay with multiple factions and maps
  • RPG decision-making and new stories emerging every playthrough
  • Multiplayer and upcoming expansive content
  • Realistic socio-cultural renditions of real-world


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There are currently no logos or icons available for Domains of Dusk. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Game Design Document
It's a strategy-RPG blend, so we thought you all may want to know how that works.

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